Who we are :

Ludovic Guillaume
Ludovic, a French business man having lived in Africa and Europe, began his adventure in China in 1989. His experience in the fast moving consumer goods business allowed him to see the opportunity for sourcing reasonably priced goods manufactured in China. Already, at that time, Ludovic’s approach was unique, choosing to work directly with factories in Mainland China, bypassing the traders in Hong Kong.

Zhao Feng
Zhao Feng and Ludovic met in 1992, when Zhao was managing 200 factories for Wuhan Machinery Corporation (a Chinese State Corporation), one of Ludovic’s suppliers. A Chinese trained engineer having lived in the US, Zhao Feng understood the western concept of quality and knew how to work with Chinese factories to deliver quality products, on time and on budget.

Together, Ludovic and Zhao co-founded Primal Manufacturing, a Chinese company, in 1996, with the goal to provide brand focused, multi-material packaging and POSM products of the highest quality.

Our philosophy :

We share a passion for excellence with our customers who are leaders in the luxury goods industry. Quality is the key to excellence and it lies at the heart of our customer service philosophy. We see quality as a process of continuous improvement – good can always be great and great can always be better. The best way to ensure quality is to anticipate and solve problems before they materialize. In the R&D process, our engineers work with your technical teams to identify and eliminate design flaws or to capture cost savings opportunities. Our prototyping process allows us to test the feasibility of the project and propose modifications to enhance and assure the quality of your product, minimize waste and support the manufacturing of environmentally friendly products. Our extensive knowledge of factories in Mainland China (we have visited over 600) allows us to objectively evaluate production capabilities to meet your quality requirements and project timeline.

We know that no one person or one factory can help you with your multi-material product needs. Primal Manufacturing relies on our team of internal experts and our deep knowledge of Chinese manufacturing capabilities to assemble the right skills for your multi-material production needs. For more information about how we can help you, contact us today.